Building Our Future.

Commitment to Excellence

With a student body drawn from all areas of Los Angeles and across the United States, Ner Aryeh has established a reputation for its excellent Limudei Kodesh program, general studies instruction and extracurricular programs as well as its warm, cohesive yeshiva environment. Ner Aryeh strives to:

  • Develop each young man’s unique abilities and self-esteem
  • Inspire him with the beauty of his Jewish heritage and the bond he shares with all Jews
  • Foster a love and commitment to torah study and observance
  • Enable him to succeed at the finest institutions of higher learning


Our rebbeim strive to create bonds with their students — to build meaningful and nurturing relationships that will last well beyond students' years at Ner Aryeh. They are available at all times — day or night, at school and at home — to help a student with a problem, or just to be a friend. They feel a deep sense of responsibility for the spiritual and emotional growth of each student, and express this feeling with a unique blend of love, respect and guidance that is the hallmark of a true Torah educator.


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